Lars Grunwald reklamefotograf
Lars Grunwald

About LG Photography

Pictures can inspire, illustrate, and communicate.

A picture is worth a 1.000 words! They have many details and can have many interpretations. They can convey many different stories.

This is why we communicate in pictures, both as a company in need of brand recognition, and in private as we share our lives through social media.

My ambitions are to tell stories, visualize my client's ideas, create and inspire, use my experience, be creative, and take advantage of the newest technologies.

Since 1977, I have worked as an independent commercial photographer of business and culture. I am well known for:

  • Creativity – the ability to think about and see photographs in new ways.
  • Personality – the ability to put people at ease, be it the subject of the photograph or the project at hand.
  • Technique – the ability to combine the studio photographer’s tripod work and the press photographer’s handheld style.

My clients call me “the sure thing” – an indication of my passion and love for my craft!

Test my passion!